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Welcome to my midlife blog.

According to some boffins, the average life expectancy of females born today is 82.8 years old. Splendid; that's a ripe old age. Slight problem though – I was born in 1971 – so that officially makes me somewhere between middle-aged and death. Yikes!

I wouldn't normally start my writing with a negative statement, so fear not; I am Jolly Jules and although I will be 47 in January 2018, I am not about to slope off on my zimmer frame to my hairdresser for a blue rinse. Incidentally, my hairdresser is my Dad, who according to my 18-year-old daughter, is an old man, but to me, he's still young and groovy despite being 70.

Now, therein lies my point…

I am middle aged, and so far, I have had a great life (with some obligatory cr*p thrown in), but I don't feel like I have even got started on living life to the full yet. I don't feel middle-aged. I'm not as immature as I used to be and I go to bed probably at the same time as I was just going out to rip up the town when I was in my twenties, but the thought of retirement and wearing comfortable shoes makes me baulk!

So, who am I?

MeWell, I am not an ex-fashion editor, beauty guru or Pulitzer prize winner for writing excellence, that's for sure. I am Jules Halliday, single Mum of daughter, cat & dog, a non-de-script 46-year-old, average woman who lives in Worthing, West Sussex, but originally from a lovely town called Kirkcudbright in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. I am average height (5'5″…almost ready to admit I am probably 5'4″ due to old-age shrinkage) with a difficult shoe size (and skinny width!) of 5 1/2, which means I normally have to get a size 6 and wear thick socks (for boots) or heel grippers and insoles for shoes (or plasters to stop me crying like a baby with blisters).

My dress size is a pain in the neck – I am a size 10 from the waist down and depending on where I shop, am a size 12 or 14 on the top, due to fairly broad shoulders and bigger than average, natural bazookas. I'm not fat, I am not skinny, I am Miss Average that has a flippin' nightmare when it comes to clothes shopping (especially very stressy bra shops) and it's not just my abode that's moved south, my body and face are fighting a battle with gravity.

Does this ring a bell with you? If so, I invite you to follow my trials and tribulations on here while I go on my quest to avoid shriveling up, bri-nylon dresses and big knickers that could sail the Blue Peter ship while trying to be a female version of Peter Pan (without the green tights).


I run my own business helping people excel in their career ( by day, then either do housework, watch rubbish TV, drink wine and eat chocolate by night – sometimes I do these all at once! I love learning, I love life, I love the way people are intriguing and yet, sometimes downright annoying.


I have a wonderful and varied work & social life, friends of all ages and characters, and a rather splendid family who I wish I saw more of, but they are scattered all over the UK, so that's part of the reason I embarked on my Wendy House project. I started out my career path at the age of 12 (child slave!) as a ballet dancer (never used to cry at blisters on my feet), so much of my teen-30's was wearing lycra and fleeting from one job to the next. The same story goes for many of my close friends, who thankfully due to the invention of mobile phones, the world wide web and Facebook, have got back in touch after having a nightmare communicating by tin cans on the end of a piece of string and semaphore for those of us who successfully completed our Girl Guiding badge. That said; I am equally happy having a Sunday duvet day curled up on the sofa with my aforementioned “babies” watching movies and indulging in picky food. You can read more about my guilty pleasures in my “It's my Party” section.

I've had a pretty decent life so far, but I am not ready to be old. I know I am on the slippery slope, but I am not ready to accept it. Conformity? Mediocrity? – not on your Nelly! My greatest fear is dementia (my Granny and Great Granny are with the big guy in the sky after being taken by the big D), so perhaps my reasons for starting this blog are firstly, a personal diary (to remember events) and secondly something to encourage me to live life to the full. My other fears are spiders, polystyrene (it squeaks and when using it as a receptacle for hot liquids and gives hurty burns to my mouth!) and the Euromast in Rotterdam – I didn't have a fear of heights until I went up that!!!

Musically, my tastes are diverse (read embarrassing) – I have recently discovered Spotify, so have lots many (many, many) happy hours downloading TUNES! I won't spoil you with my music tastes right now, but let's just say; prepare to be spun out!

The midlife adventure begins

I am more laid back since I reached my 40's than I was in my 30's, but although I am more blasé; I have more opinions, roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders a whole lot more. My sense of humour has changed drastically – I think it is less giddy, but a whole lot more warped. I think when I eventually grow up, I will be a hybrid of Patsy and Edina from Ab Fab, Blanche from Coronation Street (Deirdre Barlow's dead Mother) and Margarita Pracatan. Style, madness, carefree attitudes, outspoken – suits me! Let the fun commence! Watch this space…

So, I hope you will join me on my journey to 50 (urgh) where I will attempt to keep up my energy levels, iron out my wrinkles and not conform to the expectations of a midlife woman. Let me know your journey too, no matter how old you are or how old you feel. Just a wee cheeky request – play nice in my playground – I have enough wrinkles as it is, this is a tongue in cheek blog for anyone out there who is sharing my pain(s) and wants to have a wee giggle before pushing up daisies (looking fabulous!).




P.S I started writing this midlife blog in October 2014 when I was 43 and managed to craft this whole page. It's now 23rd April 2017. I really should get my s**t together. I WILL NOT become old and lazy!!!

P.P.S This is a real midlife blog by a real middle-aged woman. You won't find a fake luxury lifestyle or filtered photos and you will definitely not find me taking selfies with a duckface pout! It's a real warts-and-all journey from middle-age to beyond. Right, let's get started!


Why not follow my midlife blog podcasts? You can find them here.


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